Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Books I Read Last Year

The Girl with Hair – Steve Kelly
Ranch Dressing – Donna Miller
Athletic Shoes – John Burns
Coffee Cup – Howard Jones
Autumn – Patricia Norman
A Very Large Drink – Tom Wall
Pencil-In – Deborah Davis
American Eggs – Charlie Walsh
Clean Floor – Chris Albert
Cars and Automobiles – Barry Cartwright
It Was What It Was – F. Winston Cox


Anonymous said...


Freddy Cox said...

Ranch Dressing should NOT be on that list!

Darius Smith said...
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Allison Pripet said...

favorite book I read all year was Philip K Dick UBIK, but it was a hard stretch for my 2010 list, since it came out in 1969, takes place in 1992. Will be a movie in 20XX, with Jack Black, Hope Davis, Tom Wilkinson, and Tilda Swinton

Darius Smith said...

John Horne Burns' first book was The Gallery, set in Naples in 1943, sort of a Winesburg, Ohio gone to war. Some of his stories hit hard.
Also,City of Night by John Rechy is amazing, thrilling even.

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