Monday, June 3, 2013


From: To: right, this blog uk sucks. I have an account with blogger and can walk with you through it if you want. i hope it's free, meanwhile Live Journal and MySpace are worth looking at, and a site called YUKU if it gets desperate. Darius Smith wrote: It's pretty fucking horrible. A spam generator with an "ad search engine" in the title box! - Jeff From: Robin Plan Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 20:48:39 -0700 (PDT) It's a start, but it's not a good platform, people have to open accounts and log in to read your posts? You know MySpace may be better, or Live Journal, sorry I didn't think of them before. They are super easy and very well known, your good work won't be hidden over there in the damn United Kingdom this way. Hold on, I will find a cool journal and send you the link so you can see the possibilities. For now, just yay, you got something up. Feel empowered, it's difficult crazy making shit! Be right back! Darius Smith wrote: is pretty fucking ugly. Oh well. - Jeff From: Robin Plan wrote: I liked it very much. Navigating around Word Press is impossible for me. The pages won't come up. I just want simplicity, prestige isn't important. Please recommend something. - Jeff. From: Robin Plan Gotcha. You can turn off comments at your Word Press blog and you don't have to make a blogroll. My blog is it's been linked to 80 other blogs so far! Gooogle it! Word Press seems the most versatile free site out there, you can do pretty much what you want, IF you can get back in. That's the problem isn't it? You're locked out of your own blog and you're too stubborn to admit you don't know how to navigate the site! So now you will have nothing to do with them, fess up. Darius Smith wrote: Magazines have tables of content. "Blogs" often have trillions of "links" to blogs that "link" back. My magazine will have no comments scroll (letters to the ed. instead.) A detailed recounting of daily news events or my life or my opinion of George W. Bush is not my aim. Where is your "blog"? - Jeff. (This is not intended to be sarcastic or "snarky.")

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