Sunday, March 31, 2013


Sloganeer never sleeps. More reasons to live than stars in the sky. We're at war with the sky. The television is uncommitted. The motion pictures promise "soon." One book in a thousand like a blueprint: How we can build less sad lives.

I don't want a rollercoaster. I want a Coast-to-Coast Subway. Or I'll walk, hitch, stay. Go in Mid-Western Circles. See, I'm here, alive, I'm in love, I don't care. You walk in whatever direction you want. I walk in the new directions. Escalation of love, I'll risk all, everyday, all day. Risking everything is the only way I can go forward. Anything else is certain death or worse.

So! Destroy me! Yes! I am a Monster! Give me another reason! I've got maybe a million million reasons! Collection far from complete! My advice? Fall in love with the fact that you ever lived at all.

I won't stop. Death never stops. Start.

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