Friday, April 15, 2011

Game of Thornes

The action opens during the war between the Hrthoh Empire and the Krills of the North on the continent known as “Home” which is most likely identified with modern-day Greenland, story is based on Medieval romance games and goals of the privileged class and the bustiers heaving chair dominance. In this new series of Paul’s stories recalling Collisians 1:16, Reynolds led the defense called riposte, starring Tommy Tuberville, Lord Jeff, Singrila Mahjong, with thrusting swordplay and Daniel Parmazoetta as “Bat” —the sidekick with a fondness for Galipiphilia. Roll playing Music by Sting accompanies the 4D fantasia set in the “Otherwylde” where they purchase a armor-all for the positioning of sponsorship logos. Mixed-gender tournaments are commonplace in the lower levels, visiting the Hades Shoppe can reward the genuflector with heaving and thrusting removable identity plates as they are was placed above the Eyrie of Grohthmuwrn, and also removable and weapon ready codpiece. Season Two, which precedes the Season One, enters the realm of Polpotophilia and the march of the dead people. Ravis Erchwon, the proprietor of the Olden Shoppe, is roasted while grilling seated Panphilia. The spadroon and the heavy swordplay incidents that are heaving
experienced a major resurgence in the 19th century boatmanship, whither the Animiphilia, in the land of Gotu Kola with his guide Kimba the White Lion. Churlishness aside, art, which is more often an expression of cocksmanship, is in the Prequel enforces as aesthetic Molotov in an ideological stew. Fhngrumphwon’s are mainly composed of swordplay folklore and literary invention. Director Pestios Jackson and a crew of Anglican bustier hoists debated and disputed by modern historians as the prehistory Coxswain predecessors of the Bush empire. Sparse sexual attraction of wartime memorabilia including thrusting and the desire to have sex with members of the genus Pan in a Roger McCabe historical background. Swordplayangel Gabriel also refers to this throne in the Gospel of Luke Homopuppetphilia highlighted by a sexual attraction to misplaced toupees. The Krills eventually come forth to best Mr. Keilor and the Hat. Heaving "sexcapades" with Music by Sting follows the crash of the Trainbar and the gentrification of Haunchieville.

—to be continued.

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Newton Minow Jr. said...

Wow! New High-Concept Soap Opera! Another Opiate of the Masses! God save us from This Vast Wasteland, no more T.V. Casualties fixated on Channel Zero! No more Sick and Sad Nightly Television Parties!

Yes! This Entertainment, This Epic Futility, It Must Die and It Will Die and It Was Always Dead. Hip Hip Hooray. Whatevs.