Saturday, August 15, 2015


Darlene Lustig, protector of the defeated,
Raped in a jail, victorious for all time----

For her, I'll go to Mars,
And name the desert Lustig,
And the highest point Mt. Darlene.
But this doesn't matter----
Right now she's gone.
And this is really an impossible situation----

One night once she was in my room, she really was.
There was some risk to our lives,
But we slept together like madmen anyway.
We had money and we spent it,
In fact we had the world.
So we used it up.

The world gone, we stood side-by-side
On a summit, high on the fact that we didn't care,
Not about anything except each other.
And in the morning she went out
Into the desolate world
And she never-never came back.

This fraudulent weather is so sad.
This happy day so fake.


Anonymous said...

Darlene Lustig is built for speed!

Darius Smith said...

Darlene Lustig is real!