Wednesday, December 24, 2014


"So I've temporarily been condemned to FLESH and in Midwest United States no less----yes, it looks like a time to find knives and ammo and random objects of our affection but this is the Two Thousands, we do acknowledge that fact, so I, Sporty Spice, hereby decree a modified Kill-Spree where *sigh* NO ONE IS KILLED....

"So, so Posh Spice is SO disappeared (Scary won't return calls and Ginger's busy with United Nations. Baby is irrelevant.) Posh is just GONE and she was the best of us five!" [Don't even dare to demur! Sporty is talking about HER MAYBE-DEAD GIRLFRIEND!]

"In a random city, my first objective is the Kids and I will find a way to 'Win', if not with a Rockstar Girl, then we commence a Whispering Campaign, we can't miss! 'Your parents are wrong about everything! Pay NO mind to the Sick Sad Creeps!'

"And there're Pretty Girls everywhere you look, follow them and soon you'll find the Simulacrum of Posh Spice...she could be Twelve or Forty, whatevs--spend Real and Intense Time with the New Posh, brainwash her with the TRUTH and when that's over walk away, walk hundreds of miles away---the horrifying worthless town is changed for the better, I, Sporty, am maybe happier and Our Real Power is ever-spiraling UP...."

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Saint Nicole