Friday, March 2, 2012

Review of Latest Credit Card Offer

Credit Card offer from "First PREMIER" Bank of mythical Sioux Falls SD arrived in my mailbox, boasting "60 second online credit approval." This is the worst one yet. They keep getting worse. It could be interesting to see how bad they eventually will get. I guess someday some men will arrive in person with a shackle, ball and chain -- the choice being to work on jack-hammering the street without food or water until I perish -- or simply be killed immediately.

Anyway, this offer requires a $175 Annual Fee for the first year, and after that the annual fee dips down to only $49 a year -- though there is a $14.50 a month Servicing Fee. As bad as that sounds it is nothing compared to the APR for purchases -- 38%!! My Shylock offers better rates!

Using my math skills, a quick calculation of this offer projects me, by the end of the year, taking a second job for sub-minimum wage at the last remaining Port Authority district "Male Room" poop eating matinee just so I don't get my 3G Smiley repossessed.


Anonymous said...

Events as described in your subterranean "Male Rooms" have regrettably caused me to never read THE MOSS PROBLEM ever again.

Anonymous said...

I work in a MAIL room and I as well do not appreciate the pun.