Thursday, March 29, 2012

THE ARCADE FIRE "The Suburbs" CD [2010]

Teenage David Byrne-like voice tells of Suburban Warfare, tearing down the houses they built in the Seventies, Subdivisions vs Subdivisions, an Endless New Stalingrad fought in Cul-de-Sacs, Brady Bunch House Strongholds, all the adults soon dead, kids on bikes rounded up by mysterious "Cops" and "Re-Educated" in Deluxe Concentration Camps. San Francisco's "gone," the narrator is nostalgic and keeps re-visiting the ruins of the Universal Suburban War, he can't find his house (presumed destroyed) and some kind of population explosion post-war pushes he and his friends into the New Sprawl, endless, outward from Dead Cities, and a New War several times every day, until a woman-girl finally sings a song about how we will never escape from the Sprawl. Staggering.


Lesbia Cronkite-Chumm said...

Again, the Moss Problem leaves me only sick and saddened. Abolish Darius Smith or else! Else! By god, or else!

Darius Smith said...

"Lesbia" is Stupid Fresh!

Anonymous said...

Stupid Flesh!