Friday, September 16, 2011

Which one will YOU be in the year 1984?

Proletarian----Considered inferior and kept in total ignorance, you'll be fed lies from the Ministry of Truth, eliminated upon signs of promise or ability!

Police Guard----Chosen for lack of intelligence but superior brawn, you'll be suspicious of everyone and be ready to give your life for Big Brother, the leader you've never even seen!

Party Member----Male----Face-less, mind-less, a flesh-and-blood robot with a push-button brain, you're denied love by law, taught hate by the flick of a switch!

Party Member----Female----A member of the Anti-Sex League from birth, your duty will be to smother all human emotion, and your children might not be your husband's!


Anonymous said...

Racist! You are Flagged!

supree said...

I shall never forget the morning of September 16, 2001. The sun hung in the sky like a hideously grinning pinata clown, swollen with too much communion wine, turned to maggots under the hot summer sun, which in turn shriveled like an embarrassingly misguided assumption, under the hot summer sun, which perished under the hot summer sun, under the hot summer sun.