Friday, September 28, 2007

Blog Review:

Perez Hilton is a schlubby guy that lives in Florida. A few years ago Perez decided to start blogging about celebrities lives and since then his blog has become (next to the #1 looked at celebrity blog in the country. Perez has several people working for him, updating his blog by the minute on recent celebrity gossip. His biggest target is Britney Spears. After her recent performance on the MTV music awards he wrote her a letter telling her how much she sucked and posted it on the blog. Hilton's website has become such an authority on celebrity gossip that excerpts from his letter to Britney have since been quoted throughout mainstream media. The blog has developed such a large following that he now wields power over star's careers, making them and breaking them.

Perez loves Amy Winehouse, and hates Britney. Visit the blog any day and you will find that Perez thinks Heath Ledger is washed up and balding, Mariah Carey's new perfume smells like shit, and that both Wil Smith and his wife are homosexuals. Perez himself is a fat pasty white dude who changes his hair color more than a suburban 16 year old goth kid.

The attraction is Perez's ability to discuss celebrity rumors that would be otherwise too risky for the pages of People or Star magazine. The beauty of this sort of "journalism" is that it's a blog, and therefore no one edits out anything housewives would find insulting. No funding for printing costs. The only thing Perez has to worry about is his image, and watching it grow.
Perez Hilton has recently been offered to host his own show on VH1.

A waste of time reading about celebrities lives, I know. But if you are stuck at a desk job...or you teach at a college, and you need something to talk about with your students...sites like these can be helpful.

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Houndstooth said...

Right! Why not just teach a class on "sites like these!" I know I'd enroll, I mean once I'm old enough to GO to college! Too bad Perez Hilton doesn't write about more interesting people (H.Houndstooth comes to mind) but I guess it has to be about mainstream crap to have mainstream appeal!

Anyway, Amy Winehouse IS pretty great, and Heath Ledger already was balding, and all perfume smells like shit when you smell it on paper in those magazine ads, and if both Will Smith AND his wife are homosexuals, I don't see what the problem is, as long as one of them isn't a Scientologist!

And who HASN'T been asked to host their own show on VH1? I seem to remember the possibilty of a Lisa Bird show, but you told them they were "the loser channel."