Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mountain Dew Billboard

I just saw a shocking billboard, in which there was a ball and chain attached to a can of Mountain Dew, and then it looked like a person was attached to, or crushed by, the big (green) iron ball! As weird as this is for an ad, I guess it's at least being kind of honest-- it's just going right out and saying, yes, this soda is full of caffeine and sugar, and it's addictive! I mean, I kind of like Mountain Dew in that way-- it tells it like it is. Mountain: redneck, cracker, peckerwood. Dew: looks like piss. Lots of sugar. Lots of caffeine. Not subtle. But still, that ball and chain thing is kind of nuts. But I guess if cigarette companies were still allowed to advertise, they'd be doing much the same thing.


Darius Smith said...

Shades of "Alive With Pleasure!"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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